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I know people follow this blog. Can someone explain to me the theme of blogs were it’s like pretty nature pictures+girls with long hair+flower crowns and then like all of a sudden there’s a picture of the Twin Towers exploding? Does that make sense to anyone?

The ones who criticize Disney princesses the most are the ones who have seen the movies the least.

—Ancient Chinese Proverb.

music meme!
You can tell a lot about the person from the music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and write the first 10 songs that play without skipping. Tag 10 people afterwards.
Princess tagged me. All my MP3 players are broken, and I only have about a quarter or an eighth of the music I like on my computer, with disproportionate amounts of certain artists. I warned you. Oh well. (I’ll do 20 cus you did 20.)
1. Aeroplane-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
2. Polly-Nirvana
3. Happy Together-Filter
4. The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret-Queens of the Stone Age
5. Hit it Hard-Peaches
6. Du Hast-Rammstein 
7. Trade in Your Guns for Coffins-Rob Zombie
8. Siva-Smashing Pumpkins
9. Halloween-Mudhoney
10. Dumb-Nirvana 
11. Trogdor-Strongbad (This is what you think it is.)
12. Night of the Living Dead-Misfits
13. Lightening Song-more QotSA
14. Eye-Smashing Pumpkins
15. Beans-Nirvana (You may think I am joking when I say I have every Nirvana song there ever may have been, but this is proof.)
16. We Only Come Out at Night-Pumpkins 
17. Whatever-Butthole Surfers
18. Pull My Strings-Dead Kennedys
19. Chinese Rocks-Richard Hell and the Voidoids
20. Cancer-My Chemical Romance

(Source: tokaikko)


Always the Dawn, never the Buffy

Hey. Read the short story book Geektastic. Inside there is a story about being the Dawn. And it’s really good.